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Chicken Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant

The chicken slaughterhouse and processing facility is the place responsible for bringing the chickens that have become broilers under appropriate conditions and taking them to the customer's place. The chickens that reach the carcass weight are brought into the facility. The health status of the incoming poultry has been checked beforehand. They are then taken to the slaughterhouse room. Here, the necessary hygienic conditions are provided and the cutting process is carried out. Chicken internal organs are separated from the white meat. The internal organs are taken to the chicken offal section. Meat from poultry is taken to another room to be shredded and cleaned.

Importance of Cooling in Chicken Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant
Poultry is one of the richest sources of protein. The chicken slaughterhouse and processing plant continues its activities in a certain temperature range so that the minerals and vitamins of these rich source food products are lost. After the internal organs of the chickens are removed, the meat grade should remain stable at 4 degrees. This process should be done 4 hours after cutting at the most. In a short time, the temperature must decrease within the required cooling systems. This process stops the growth of microorganisms that cannot be seen on chickens or poultry.

Cooling Types of Carcasses
After removing the internal organs of the chickens, a certain temperature decrease is provided. We mentioned this above. There are several different ways to achieve this reduction within the chicken slaughterhouse and processing plant. One of these ways is to be cooled with water. Cooling with water is not preferred in slaughterhouses. This is because too much water is wasted. In addition, cooling with water causes great changes in protein or pH values ​​of chickens. In modern facilities, these cooling facilities have been replaced by air cooling.

Cooling of Chickens with Air
Air cooling of poultry is highly preferred in today's facilities. This is because it keeps the nutritional values ​​at the highest level and preserves the freshness of the products. Another reason why it is preferred is that it reduces the required workforce. It is much more economical and practical than cooling with water. Active disease is less likely to occur in air-cooled chickens. As Adalı Cooling, we take air cooling one step further in chicken slaughterhouses and processing facilities. With the difference of island cooling, chickens will stay fresher than ever.

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