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Milk Cupboard Installation

With the Milk Cupboard Installation, we ensure that your drinks or food you see in the markets or grocery stores are kept fresh and not spoiled. Milk cabinet, also known as market cabinet, is one of the services offered by Adalı Cooling. Milk cabinets work stably to a certain degree. The average ideal temperatures of the products in it are considered. Ideally, milker cabinets preserve products.

Advantages of Milk Cupboards
The milk cupboards we have seen in the markets for years have many advantages. The biggest advantage of dairy cabinets is that the products are presented to the customers with hygiene protection and a natural presentation. Another advantage is that it is practical to use. It can be opened and closed like the refrigerators in your homes. Energy consumption is provided with the Milk Cupboard Installation.

Contrary to popular belief, these products do not consume excessive amounts of electrical energy. Milk cupboards do not even come close to the energy you will use in a large warehouse. These cabinets protect the products even when there is no electricity and prevent them from spoiling. Although the protection time of the products without electricity varies according to the features and models of the cabinets, the average is 8 hours.

Types of Market Cabinets
Types of dairy cabinets may vary according to the product they contain. However, names such as cheese cabinet, meat products cabinet or oil cabinet are not given. The degree of each of the milk cupboards arranged in 5 or 6 ways, respectively, varies according to the product it contains. If you play with the degrees, you can also change the products in it. When you achieve the ideal temperature, you can preserve any product. But there is one thing we should mention. The cupboard where the drinks are kept is also a type of milk cupboard, but it is not called a milk cupboard. They are generally known as cold drink cabinets.

Features of Milk Cupboards
As Adalı Cooling, we tell our customers about the features of this product one by one with our Milk Cupboard Installation service. The features of the product vary according to the parts. If you wish, let's explain the features of these parts:

. Milk cupboard door: It remains on the outermost side. By opening the cover, the customer can access the product they want at any time.
. Led lamp: These lamps allow you to see the status of the products better. You can observe the products very clearly in this way without opening the cover.
. Thermostat display: If desired, this feature is added in the Milk Cupboard Setup. The degree is visible outside the cabinet. This provides a great convenience in the selection and placement of products.

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