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Industrial Cold Air Rooms

Industrial cold rooms are the name of the system in which the heat is controlled artificially. These cold air rooms are generally designed to protect the products from external temperature. Cold storage slows down the structure and biological processes of products. In this way, deterioration of the products is prevented. In these cold rooms, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and some seafood are usually stored frozen.

Manufacturing of Cold Air Rooms
It reaches perfection with a few important factors to consider when designing and manufacturing cold air rooms. A cold store must first be absolutely airtight. The best way to achieve this is air holding equipment placed in cold air tanks. After this stage, the focus will be on creating an air circulation loop for absolutely all parts of the air tank. The air circulation cycle will ensure that the cold air in the warehouse spreads to every corner. Industrial cold rooms with these two factors protect all samples from medical elements to edible products.

Features of Industrial Cold Air Rooms
As we mentioned above, cold air rooms are industrial products designed to keep the air inside from leaking out. Cold air rooms or warehouses are divided into several classes according to the temperature value. These temperatures are adjusted according to the product to be absorbed. Some products can deteriorate even with 1 degree difference within these temperature values. Therefore, more than one temperature value is placed in industrial cold air rooms. These classes are as follows:

Temperature between 8 and 15 degrees: Cool storage
Temperature between 2 and 8 degrees: Cold storage
Temperature between -4 and 2 degrees: Storage for the refrigerator
Temperature between 0 and -25 degrees: Frozen storage
Temperature between -25 and –40 degrees: Shock

What Not to Do in Industrial Cold Air Rooms
Air leakage should never be kept to the maximum in cold air rooms. It should continue at minimum cruise using the cold air doors. Humidity rate in cold storage should never be adjusted randomly. The humidity rate should be determined according to the product to be stored and a rating should be made accordingly. Products should not be placed in random industrial cold rooms. As Adalı Cooling, we make the necessary warnings to our customers before or after processing.

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