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Vegetable Carpet Plant

Fruit and vegetable market facility is a place where product owners and product receivables are gathered. The French dictionary, which means a covered place, appears as "the place where vegetables, fruits and similar products are sold" in Turkish. The manufacturer makes the product he owns necessary and sells it here. The buyer, on the other hand, acts as an intermediary and sells the product to the market places or market places after buying the product from the manufacturer. The purpose of vegetable and fruit states varies according to the place where they occur. However, if we take it in general, it is gathered in the subject that we will specify the objectives.

Vegetable Market Plant Purpose
As we mentioned above, the purposes of the vegetable market differ according to the region. A situation established in the countryside balances the price competition among the producers. So it plays a big role in establishing an average price. Transparent and fair pricing translates into action in vegetable and fruit markets.

This issue is of interest to the consumer and the buyer. However, the cases do not only cover the consumer and the producer. One of the purposes of these facilities is to prevent unregistered entry and exit. Every fruit or vegetable is inspected and released to the market under the supervision of the state. There are also inspections in this way in domestic and national production.

Control in Conditions
The control of the fruit and vegetable market facility belongs to the relevant Municipality. Inspections are carried out by the municipal minutes. It is the responsibility of the Municipality to stabilize market prices, to establish a free competition market, to prevent informality, and to ensure that the products produced meet the standard or health conditions. The order of these situations and the status of the opened benches are also followed by the Municipality.

Storage in Cases
The interior of the vegetable market does not only consist of stalls. Especially in large cases, large-scale cooling tanks are needed. Vegetables are prone to spoilage. From the moment it is harvested from the field, it loses its value every minute. Of course, the producer does not want to buy the stuffed or moldy vegetables.

At this point, the warehouses in the vegetable market plant play a leading role. Existing products are cooled and removed to cold storage. In order to preserve the freshness of vegetables, cold storages operated by Adalı Cooling are essential. Our company Adalı Cooling helps the customers to reach the vegetables and fruits as fresh as they leave the field.

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