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Cold Room Doors (Slamming Type/ Sliding Type)

One of the most important factors of cold rooms or warehouses is about Cold Room Doors. Cold storage doors are the biggest helper in maintaining the ideal temperature of your warehouse. The higher the quality of the door of a cold room, the higher the quality of the products it contains. These doors are one of the issues that most affect the preservation of the products in the warehouse.

The use of a poor quality or dysfunctional cold room door causes loss of function in the warehouse and your damage. These doors are evaluated in several sub-headings according to their price and features. As Adalı Cooling, we bring you all kinds of information about cold room warehouses and doors.

Impact Type Cold Room Door
Swing type door is included in standard Cold Room Doors. These doors, which are used for cold room warehouses, are one of the most preferred models. Generally, the price is more reasonable. The casing of this type of door; It can be designed to be aluminum or PVC. Coating options are diverse. It can be made of polyester, PVC, chrome or sheet metal on the door.

The dimensions of this cold room door are also standard. It can be mounted on panels or walls with a thickness of 40 to 200 mm. The wing thickness of the door is between 8 and 15 cm. The transition size range is of course also wide. It has an average transition size of 70x180 and 120x220 cm. These doors can come with many different lock options.

Sliding Type Cold Room Door
It is another most preferred door model among Cold Room Doors. The cost of this door model is slightly higher than the impact type door. The warehouses where this door is used are generally large and large. These doors are preferred because the size of the products entering the warehouse is very large. The wide entrance range is the biggest factor in choosing these doors.

Wing thickness and panel mounting dimensions are exactly the same as the impact type door. The difference is wide-ranging. It hosts a width of 250x400 cm. As of its name, it opens sideways in a sliding way. Options such as Chrome, Polyester and PVC are available. It is one of our most successful products as Adalı Cooling in Cold Room Doors.

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