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Container Cooling Systems

Container cooling systems have the feature of being introduced. This feature is not something we can come across in cooling systems. Because cooling systems are heavy and difficult to transport products. These cooling systems, specially produced for containers, prevent the products in the container from deteriorating.

Generally, fish, vegetables, fruits, meat and meat products are transported in this container. Considering that these products deteriorate quickly, cooling systems in these containers are essential for long journeys. But for the container, these cooling systems can be diversified. If the generator plug-in is also implemented, a long-term operation is not a distant possibility.

Features of Container Cooling Systems
Container cooling systems are not easily affected by external factors. It can continue to work in the open area without slowing down. It can be produced in different ways according to the container type. So what are the features of these container cooling devices?

Very easily the cooling device is mounted on the ceiling or wall.
It is an easy to clean product. (It is a nice option that it can be cleaned since it is concerned with the preservation of vegetables, fruits or seafood.
- Withstand the outer body up to +50 degrees.
- As we mentioned above, the generator plugin comes with it.
- Being able to fully meet the required international documents.

Advantages of Refrigerated Containers?
These types of containers help to protect the products from being damaged during the travel and, more importantly, to preserve their freshness. These types of containers are used especially in import and export. In the same way, containers referred to as "refeer" are naturally suitable for different types of containers. They come in shapes like a standard 20 FT container.

As in rooms or warehouses operating with all cooling systems, there is a permanent air circulation in this type of container. Regardless of the product, regardless of the weight, this type of container can easily store the products. What needs to be done to maintain the quality of the products in containers is to reduce the humidity appropriately. At the same time, the distribution within the product should be good. Otherwise, fresh air circulation cannot be fully ensured. As Adalı Cooling, we serve our valued customers in container cooling systems and many other cooling systems.

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