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Ice Machines Leaf and Cube Type

Ice machines can be classified as leaf and cube types. These commercially produced machines are used all over the world, especially in hot climate regions. These machines help protect the products in the customer's hands. These ice machines play a major role in preserving perishable products in cold areas.

The variety of these products can increase a lot, but the most used sector is fishing. Considering its perishable structure, it seems essential for fish to use ice machines. The types and prices of these machines also differ according to the type. The most preferred and known ice machines are the leaf and cube types.

Leaf Type Ice Machines
Flake type ice machines are divided into several different titles among themselves. Types of ice machines vary around these titles. Flake type ice machines are capable of producing ice from fresh or salt water. Such machines are also used in the fishing industry. These types of machines are much easier to store and transport.

The dimensions of the machines may vary according to the ice they produce. The most suitable size models are determined as 20 kilograms base weight. The largest models can weigh up to 1.5 tons. Ice machines, machines classified as leaf type and cube type; It can be used in cold room warehouses or in the water production of dehydrated regions as a result of natural disasters.

Cube Type Ice Machines
Cube type ice machines are mostly used in businesses. They allow cooling of cold drinks in businesses. It can be positioned very easily within the enterprise. It has been designed to fully fulfill health and hygiene conditions. The ice capacity of the machines is in line with their prices. The average ice capacity for small businesses is between 20-30 kg. Ice produced in this range can naturally meet the daily needs of businesses.

The highest price and capacity of the cube type ice machines can produce 1 ton of ice in a maximum of 24 hours. On an hourly basis, this number is about 40 kilograms. It is generally preferred by factories. As Adalı Cooling, we offer you the ice machines you want, as leaf and cube type, with "A" class quality.

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