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Industrial and Split Type Chillers

Certain cooling systems are used to adjust the desired or expected temperature in the environment. These systems are implemented in line with certain criteria. Industrial and Split Type Chillers are one of the systems that meet these criteria. These products set the desired temperature very easily and practically. This can be done with the help of a remote control or on the device.

These devices are resistant to all kinds of environments. What we mean is its performance in the warmth of its location. They work in very hot or very cold environments without sacrificing their quality. It also lasts at this level permanently for long periods of time. However, as a precaution, an apparatus or attachment can be placed on its outer surface after the device is assembled. It would be a good move as a precaution.

Industrial Cooling Group
This product, under the title of Industrial and Split Type Chillers, is referred to as a high-capacity cooling device. It is produced with two separate enclosures in the range of 2670-86000 Watts. Generally, semi-hermetic compressors are used in these products. This is the compressor that is best placed and preferred according to the working standard of the device. The indoor unit may also vary according to the device capacity.

The indoor unit of some devices is positioned very wide. These products are generally used in cold storage or production facilities. It is not preferred in small businesses as it is a very high level of coolant. Therefore, two different products are produced as Industrial and Split Type Chillers.

Split Cooling Group
These products are produced in two different titles or categories. The outdoor unit has a solid structure. The sound of the fans inside is very low. It can be placed on the wall or on various metal panels. In this way, fault or damage detection is performed very easily. This type of chiller is used in narrower and more airy environments. This system minimizes high energy losses. Of course, energy savings vary according to the quality and brand of the product. As Adalı Cooling, we keep energy savings at the highest level in Industrial and Split Type Chillers and satisfy our customers.

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