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Citrus Cold Storage

Turkey is the richest European country in terms of fruit or vegetable diversity. Of course, these products, harvested from the field, need to be treated in order to stay fresh. Citrus Cold Storage or any cold storage is essential for the products to reach the consumer in a fresh form. However, it is more difficult and more important to preserve the fruits in cold storage. Because although the ideal coldness of each fruit changes, it is impossible to keep all of them in the same warehouse. Therefore, cold storages are named according to the products they contain. Citrus cold storage is a very good example of this.

Storage Time of Citruses
Each citrus has a different ideal grade and storage time. By maintaining this ideal time and temperature, molding of the fruits is prevented. The same applies to products protected with or without packaging. The relative humidity level of citrus fruits should be 90% in the Citrus Cold Storage. The ideal preservation periods and degrees of citrus fruits protected at this humidity level are as follows:

Orange: It is kept in cold storage between 3 or 4 degrees. In this degree range, oranges keep their freshness for 2-3 months. Lemons: The ideal grade of lime, lime or sweet lemon is between 10 and 12 degrees. The most preserved product among citrus fruits is lemon. It can be maintained between the degrees we said for a full 8 months. Tangerines: Tangerines are the products that preserve their freshness the least. If the ideal temperature is found, it can be maintained for 2 or 3 months. The ideal temperature is 3-4 degrees. Grapefruit: It can be stored in Citrus Cold Storage for 7 months if the temperature is 7-9 degrees.

Points to Be Considered in Citrus Cold Storage
First of all, the ideal temperature of each fruit should be known. Accordingly, the temperature of the cold storage should be adjusted. The maximum capacity in the warehouse should be determined and all necessary apparatus should be installed. There must be a humidification system in the warehouse. However, the installation of cooling devices must also be completed perfectly. The most important thing to pay attention to in the warehouse is air circulation. It should be ensured that the coldness reaches every place in the warehouse. Adalı Cooling will draw your Citrus Cold Storage project in the best way and present it to you.

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