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Fish Processing Plant

As Marmaris Adalı Industrial Cooling Systems, we have many services. Among these services is a fish processing facility. An area is needed for the protection and conservation of fish. As Adalı Cooling, we offer our customers an area where only fish can be put.

Processing of Fish
Fish or other seafood is one of the foods with the most protein. Seafood, which contains plenty of vitamins and amino acids, has a wide range of products. In order for these products to be ready for sale, a certain process must be passed. These processes are the intake and cleaning of fish.

As seafood enters the fish processing facility, many features must be present in the room. First of all, there should be walls with thermal insulation reinforcement in the room. This is very important for absorbing heat and keeping seafood fresh. Floors should be covered with cleanable material. For example, this product can be tiles.

Fish Reception rooms should be cleaned with chlorine permanently. Here, tools such as cranes or hoists can be used to load and place fish. Incoming seafood will come to the staff to be cleaned here. The personnel will clean the fish at a level that meets the hygienic conditions and send their organs in a different way.

Fish Processing Plant Rooms
The fish processing plant consists of many rooms or compartments. If we briefly enumerate these sections, they are as follows; It is cold room, packing room, stock room, cleaning room, drying room. In one of these rooms, the smoking process of the fish is carried out. This room, which is placed in a separate location within the facility, gives a high degree of heat to the fish. The temperature is given as less than 80 degrees.

Cold and Fish Processing Plant
Especially in seafood, the cold setting is extremely important. The fish processing facility, which has any room in the facility that is not cooled, does not represent a function. The entire facility continues to operate at a certain temperature, from taking the fish into the facility to smoking and keeping them. If there is even a 1 degree fluctuation in these temperatures, the seafood may spoil. We are on this platform because we do not want this to happen. As Adalı Cooling, we offer our customers rooms that will protect the heat in the fish processing facility in the best way possible.

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