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Shock Room Groups

Shock chamber or Shock Chamber Groups appear as another version found in cooling systems. Especially for the preservation of food, freezing has a very important place. The shocking process is done very quickly. Although the degree of shock may vary according to the food, the average degree is -35 or -40.

What is a Shock Chamber?
The shock chamber is the name given to the place where the products are frozen. The freezing process of the product from the outermost shell to the innermost is called "shocking". The shock chamber actually acts as a warehouse. Products are placed in the room in a short time. These products; Seafood appears as pre-prepared or processed dishes, vegetables or fruits.

How to Manufacture Shock Chambers
Shock Room Groups or shock rooms are designed with a warehouse logic. Quickly cooling the product is the basic motto of the freezing chambers. That's why they use industrial refrigeration machines or devices. These devices are manufactured to withstand very high or very low temperatures. So they won't be harmed in the shock room. Likewise, not only systems, but also fans or other cooling products are resistant to very low temperatures.

The biggest feature that should be in shock chambers is turbulence. If there is no air flow in the room, there is no reason to shock. If the turbulence does not reach the products sufficiently, the products will not freeze and cannot reach the desired form. Therefore, the air flow must be provided perfectly.

Capacity should not be ignored while designing Shocking Room Groups. A perfect design is essential for the correct placement of capacity or products. Otherwise, it becomes impossible for all the products to freeze and cool at the same time. Of course, the properties of the products used increase according to the capacity of the shocking chamber. An industrial type chiller must be preferred in a large freezing room.

Shock Room Inside View
There are fans at the top of the shock chamber. It can be located on the ceiling or on the side wall. But it must be at the top. There are wall panels under the fans. This panel better passes the freezing to the products. The distance between the fan and the door should be kept as far as possible. Because the opening and closing of the door can affect the degree of freezing. A large part of the room should be covered with products that will freeze. Products can be transported by wheeled trolleys. It is important for the products not to touch the ground. This is how the scene within Shock Room Groups can take place.

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