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Yacht Cabinets

With yacht cabinets, you can maintain the freshness of your food or beverages. These cabinets, which have a working principle similar to the cabinets in our homes, are based on vehicle cabinets. It works with electrical energy as in vehicles. There are, of course, a few things where it differs. Then let's take a look at what we talked about the yacht cabinet.

Features of Yacht Cabinets
The yacht locker can be used indoors or outdoors. So you can use it inside or outside your boat. These cabinets are not produced in one size. You can find yacht lockers according to the size of your watercraft or according to your budget. These cabinets are designed in a horizontal position to the floor. In this way, the cabinet will not be damaged in case of strong shock or impact. The prices of boat lockers vary. The brand and model are one of the factors that will play on the price of the cabinets.

If you have a boat or a watercraft, there should definitely be a cabinet in it. Wouldn't you like to sip your cold drink while cruising on the sea with your yacht? Yacht cabinets provide this opportunity to customers. Boat or yacht cabinets have a feature that makes them stand out one more step. This is also anti-shake. A normal locker cannot balance in a yacht. Even if you think you have enough balance, a cabinet that can't prevent the vibration is not suitable for the boat. Generally, shockproof boat cabinets are available at a more affordable price. If you are going to work with a company other than Adalı Cooling, we recommend that you examine the product carefully.

Is the Freezer the Only Function?

Yacht lockers don't just act as freezers. More precisely, not all models act as freezers. A standard yacht locker has two compartments. One is the freezer and the other is the normal refrigerator compartment. As the volume of this type of cabinets grows, their prices increase in proportion. But there are also boat cabinets in a more suitable model.

These yacht lockers come with a single function. In other words, it only acts as a freezer or just a refrigerator. The cost of both types of boat cabinets is also quite low. Likewise, if you want a less voluminous product, the prices will also decrease. As Adalı Cooling, we try to select the most suitable product for our customers and keep their economic satisfaction at the highest level.

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