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Meat Integrated Plant

Meat integrated facility is responsible for processing ovine and bovine animals as food. The production of meat or meat products falls under the abattoir products industry category. In these abattoir products industries, cattle and sheep and goats are slaughtered. The meat product obtained as a result of the slaughter and shredding of these animals, by processing the animals; canned, salami, sausage, etc. Processing is also called meat products.

Meat Integrated Plant Products
The animals slaughtered at the facility are cut and taken to the relevant areas. Here, all of the products obtained after cutting meat are divided into 3 main headings. These headings are as follows: unprocessed meat product, processed meat product and by-product. In the meat integrated facility, unprocessed meat products are divided into two more categories among themselves. These are fresh and frozen. Fresh meat products; tenderloin, ground beef, steak and cubed meat. These types of meat can of course increase. These products can be frozen if desired. Frozen meat product will take longer to maintain its freshness.

Frozen Meat Products
Fresh meat products can be frozen regardless of the type. Among these meat types, there are also "carcass" meats. Carcass meats are cut into pieces according to their characteristics or quality and frozen at -40 degrees. After this freezing, the meat is taken to another room and kept at -20 degrees. Although these products are shocked for a long time, they are on their way to the place where the customer wants, within 1 week from the meat integrated facility.

Cold Storages in Meat Integrated Facilities
In the facility, the processes must take place at a certain temperature. If this temperature is not maintained, deformations occur in meat or meat products. Decomposition areas, cleaning rooms, freezing rooms, storage areas and rooms in many facilities are manufactured by being subjected to heat for long periods.

The status or width of these rooms is clarified during the design phase and investment costs are calculated. As Adalı Cooling, we draw the most suitable project for our customer and make the budget. By keeping customer satisfaction in the first place, we reveal why it prefers us in the sector with the activities we do. Meat integrated plant has taken its share from many of the processes we have done in the cooling rooms.

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