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Fish Freezing and Preservation Facility

Fish facilities do not have only one section. Fish freezing and preservation facility is a section of fish processing factories. After the fish are taken in and cleaned, they undergo several processes. One of these processes is the freezing and preservation of fish. This section is the most important point about not losing the characteristics of fish.

Fish Shocking
With fish shock, not only fish are left under extreme cold. Seafood is also included in this class. Fisheries are the most prone to spoilage food products. The flavor and minerals of the product are preserved by freezing. It is the most preferred method of preservation. Thanks to the fish freezing and preservation facility, no physical application is made on the product. The product is kept as it is after cleaning. This is the main difference that distinguishes the shocking method from other preservation methods.

Seafood Preservation
Fish or other seafood can spoil very quickly if not preserved. Therefore, more than one preservation method has become operational. We have previously mentioned the "shocking" method, one of these preservation methods. Another preservation method is canning.

Fish, like many other food products, can go into canned food. In fact, this method is simpler than other methods. Fish freezing and preservation facility provides suitable conditions for this method. The fish entered for canning is sent to the market or other shopping places, never to be opened again. The time to preserve its freshness makes this method one step ahead of the others.

After the fish are cleaned and their internal organs are carefully cleaned, they go to the drying stage. Fish are tied by their tails and hang in the air in a single line. Here the fish is washed. Sea water is used when washing fish. This process is completed in 2 or 8 weeks.

Temperature in Storage Facilities
Each stage applied to seafood goes through a certain temperature. The thing that will adjust this temperature is the room that will perform the application. The heat condition of the room will preserve the nutritional value of the fish or harm the fish. We are the ones who will set this up. As Adalı Cooling, we adjust the temperature balance of the rooms in the fish freezing and preservation facility. We minimize heat loss with appropriate equipment. At the same time, we present the cycle of the specific heat perfectly to our relevant customers.

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