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Yacht and Boat Air Conditioners

Yacht and Boat Air Conditioners vary in type according to their capacity and size. This type of air conditioners used in many marine vehicles are classified as boat and yacht air conditioners. As in all transportation vehicles, sea vehicles also have air conditioning. Especially the air conditioner in marine vehicles has more than one function. When we think of air conditioning, we often think of a cold environment. But this is not exactly the case. In residences on the Mediterranean coast, air conditioning can also be used as a means of heating. Since it does not have much effect on heat, air conditioners are used for this purpose in temperate cities or in transportation vehicles.

Features of Yacht and Boat Air Conditioners
Yacht and Kick Air Conditioners have a strong capacity structure. Considering that it is responsible for the heating or cooling of a large vehicle, large capacity is extremely necessary. Such air conditioners are specially designed to minimize vibration. Insurance measures have also been taken against electrical problems that may occur inside the boat. It is waterproof and rust-proof.

It is designed in several stages. It is classified as low-medium or high-grade according to what is desired. This type of air conditioners can be adjusted from the console as well as remotely controlled. Necessary measures for sound insulation have also been taken in these air conditioners. These measures are the side covers that isolate the sound. There is also the feature of reading system pressure in Yacht and Boat Air Conditioners. In this way, gas pressure and leakage can be detected.

What is the Difference Between Normal Cooling Systems and Boat Air Conditioning Systems?
An apartment to measure gas pressure in normal coolers or air conditioners is not found in its original form. If an extra process is applied, it can only be equipped with features to measure gas pressure. Boat air conditioners already have such a feature.

The refrigerants in boat air conditioners can vary greatly. The reason for this is that yachts come in various sizes and capacities. A low-capacity air conditioner cannot handle the cooling of the yacht. The size of the air conditioner should be in line with the size of the boat. As Adalı Cooling, we design Yacht and Boat Air Conditioners to the extent you want and apply them to your sea vehicle.

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