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Hotel and Restaurant Cold Storage

Hotels and restaurants need a storage area to store their products. This is where hotel and restaurant cold storage comes into play. Hotel and restaurant owners use these warehouses in their businesses to provide fresh products to their customers. The advantages and profits of the businesses that use these warehouses are many times higher than the businesses that do not use the warehouses.

It is obvious that food and beverages have a very short shelf life. Instead of keeping the products in small cabinets, it is the most logical option to keep them in large cold storage as much as desired and for the desired period of time. Particularly perishable; Hotel and restaurant cold storage is essential for the preservation of meat, milk, fruit and vegetable products.

Hotel Cold Storage
The number of cold stores in hotels may vary depending on the size and functionality of the hotel. Some hotels have only one cold storage, while some hotels may have 2, 3 or even 4 cold storage. Some hotels do not have cold storage. A large part of cold storage in hotels is reserved for food and beverages.

In this section, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products are divided into categories. Thanks to these warehouses, so many products can be preserved without losing their freshness. Some of the cold storages in the hotels are reserved for medical products. Within the scope of hotel and restaurant cold storage, not only food products but also medical products are stored.

Standard Features of Hotel and Restaurant Cold Storage
Features of cold air rooms in hotels or restaurants are standard. The first of these features is the easy-to-clean floor and wall surface. The walls are designed within the scope of cleanable material against any flow, smell or deformation in the products. Cold air rooms are designed with a very durable infrastructure.

These rooms consume very little energy. This feature is really important considering that it is constantly working non-stop. Cold storages are equipped with fuse boxes with increased security to prevent electricity leakage. These boxes are specially placed in the cold storage of the hotel and restaurant in order to maintain the temperature in the warehouse and to continue with the cycle.

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